Project description House 23

Design of the house based on energy-saving technology: with a thickness of thermal insulation layer and a heat recovery system (recycling).
House 23: a project of a plant with a usable area of ​​171.85 m2, with its own double garage. The building body is designed in two interlocking rectangles, each with a different function. From the front page | a common open space | kitchen with kettle and pantry, dining room and living room. A private part of the house is designed in the garden: one bedroom, two bathrooms [one of which can be adapted for economic purposes] and two children’s rooms. On an independent farm and garage there will be a place for two cars and a workshop for an amateur.

The project was developed in two versions: for a monolithic reinforced concrete roof or with a Teriva roof.

Production technology

  • Walls:  silicate block + 20 cm thermal insulation.
  • Pin, ceiling:  base plate, monolithic or grooved Teriva reinforced concrete.
  • Thanks | tak:  EPDM ark, gravel.
  • Height:  white facade bricks.


Reference: FHS-CP-012

Pow. Use 119.28 m²
Pow. Buildings 224,92 m²
My. Width of the plot 21 m
My. Length of the frame 34 m
Planter From a Plant
Attic No Loft
Basement In the
Garage Garage
Type Tak Plano
The height of the house 3.97 m
The width of the house 10 m
The length of the house 23 m
Type of Building Separated
Technology Steel frame
style Modern
Crest Indifferent
Bedroom 4
The baths 2
Fireplace And